Gordon Howell, Solar Power System Specialist

Howell-Mayhew Engineering

Gordon Howell established Howell-Mayhew Engineering in Edmonton in 1985 to provide solar electricity, solar heating, and home builder energy efficiency consulting services, based on the challenge of finding ways to use energy wisely without damaging our environment at the same time. Gordon's focus in the last 10 years has been on identifying and resolving barriers to connecting solar power systems to the utility grid, and working with people to get their own solar systems. Gordon lives in an energy efficient house that uses 60% less natural gas than an average house, and has had a solar power system on his roof for the last 11 years.

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Peter Amerongen - developer, designer, builder

Vice President, Habitat Studio & Workshop Ltd. [ ]

Peter has grappled with the challenge of making more energy efficient houses since the oil crises in the 70's. The looming shortage of cheap energy and the spectre of climate change demands a renewed effort. The Riverdale NetZero Project is the result.

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Andy Smith - Structural / civil engineer and sustainable building designer.

Solnorth Engineering and EarthTech Canada


Andy is an advocate of solar energy applications in all its forms, and is current chair of the Solar Energy Society of Canada Inc. - Northern Alberta Chapter.  He is a principal in Solnorth, a small firm specializing in Part 9 energy efficient building design and construction. Andy is also a senior structural / civil engineer and project manager with Earth Tech Canada, a large international multidisciplinary consulting group.

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Mark Anielski, Life Cycle Costing Analyst

President & CEO, Anielski Management Inc. [ ]

Mark is an ecological economist and specializes in measuring the quality of life and sustainability of communities. His new book, The Economics of Happiness: Building Genuine Wealth presents a new model for building economies of well-being.

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Morgan McDonald, Solar thermal system designer/supplier

Taylor Munro Energy Systems, Inc. [ ]


Morgan is the Design Manager for Taylor Munro, a full service solar water heating company based in Vancouver, BC. Taylor Munro designs and installs systems for residential and commercial applications and has won numerous awards for their innovative projects. Morgan was also a founding director of the BC Sustainable Energy Association, a member-based advocacy organization that promotes energy conservation and renewables across the province.

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Professor Tang Lee - University of Calgary - Tel: 403-220-6608.

Tang Lee eaches building science, sustainable design and solar energy. He assists with the energy analysis, heat recovery, solar energy and healthy buildings.

He has helped to develop the building configuration including fenestration to optimize energy conservation and solar heating.

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Shafraaz Kaba, Media Liason / Architectural Advisor

Architect, Manasc Isaac Architects

Shafraaz Kaba is an architect and partner at Manasc Isaac Architects,  a firm at the forefront of susainable design.  He is a design writer for the Edmonton Journal and a contributing editor of Avenue Magazine. He is also a founding member of M.A.D.E. in Edmonton.

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Brenda Osborne,  Civic Liason

CO2RE Program Manager, City of Edmonton [ ]

Carbon Dioxide Reduction Edmonton (CO2RE) is a community-wide greenhouse reduction program helping residents reduce energy use, utility costs and greenhouse gas emissions.  CO2RE is part of EcoVision Edmonton, the City’s response to environmental challenges for the 21st century.

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Doug Nelson, Geothermal Consultant

EarthNet Geothermal Ltd.  [ ]

EarthNet designs and builds geothermal systems across Western Canada using the latest in heat pump and solar water heating technology.  EarthNet has a strong R&D department that is focused on combining existing technologies to provide the most efficient systems.  Doug has over 25 years of geological and construction experience.

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Lewis Nakatsui, Marketing and design consultant

President, Lincolnberg Homes Ltd

 Lewis Nakatsui has been an active participant in the housing industry.  He has been a leader in advancing Canadian housing technology through numerous experimental and demonstration projects and as a member of many housing technical committees. He currently serves as a Commissioner, Canadian Commission on Building and Fire Codes and as a Board Member of the Canadian Wood Council.  Mr. Nakatsui received his B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering and his Master of Business Administration degrees at the University of Alberta.

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Servus Credit Union - Financing

Servus Credit Union is Alberta’s largest credit union, owned by 192,000 members in 27 communities spanning Alberta. The financial knowledge and superior personal service of approximately 900 Servus employees in 50 locations helps member-owners enjoy richer lives. Servus Credit Union cares about Alberta and helps create better communities for everyone. By delivering financial services that are the best in the marketplace, Servus Credit Union has earned the right to call itself one of Canada’s 50 Best Managed Companies since 2003.

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David Morrow – Overall thermal design: solar, geothermal, heat storage, heat recovery and ventilation integration.  {]  (Max, if I put this here, how soon would I have an actual website?  If quite soon, then I think this is okay, as your site will be up for quite some time)

David Morrow  P.Eng; M.Sc., is the president of Hydraft Development Services Inc., a company specializing in the design of superbly efficient structures and energy systems. Hydraft researches and develops sustainable energy products and systems. At present, Hydraft has developed (or has under development) 16 innovations, all designed to make better use of renewable energy. Concepts range from building envelope improvements to energy collection to storage (seasonal and short-term) to energy delivery for heating and air conditioning systems.  Hydraft research is augmented by: a fully instrumented multi-bay solar array for comparative research on solar thermal systems, an “above ground” instrumented geothermal test cell capable of allowing research on almost any geothermal installation configuration or issue and the company has experimental systems involving unusual geothermal / solar installations at several test sites being datalogged on an ongoing basis.

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Ron Berezan, The Urban Farmer – Sustainable landscape planning, design and construction including edible landscapes, water conservation, native plants, and nature-scaping.

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Ron Wickman was born in Edmonton, Alberta, and in 1991 received his Master of Architecture

at the Technical University of Nova Scotia. He set up his own Edmonton based practice in

January 1995. Ron's interest and expertise is in barrier-free design, that is accommodating the

needs of individuals with disabilities; he also has a special interest in multi-family housing and

urban and community planning. He is committed to providing affordable, accessible and

adaptable housing and has won several housing competitions. Two built projects include the

Affordable Housing Demonstration Project, built in 1996 and initiated by the City of Edmonton

Planning and Development Department and the Innovative Housing Committee; and the CMHC

FlexHouse - Habitat for Humanity Project built in 1997. Ron has experience as an expert

witness in cases involving persons with disabilities, and he has also been a guest speaker and

participant in numerous sessions involving Barrier-Free Design, innovative, sustainable housing

and urban and community planning.

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Alberta Research Council Inc. (ARC) - Capability: Advanced modelling & simulation, engineering & experimental work, promotion -  The ARC delivers innovative science and technology solutions to meet the priorities of industry and government in Alberta and beyond. ARC serves the energy, life sciences, environment and manufacturing industries. The  Riverdale NetZero Project, part of the Equilibrium Housing demonstration activity, has been supported out of ARC's emerging initiative in Sustainable Building Envelopes, which focuses on system modelling, testing, and product development.

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Stephani Carter – Sustainable Building Materials Specialist – EcoAmmo –

Stephani Carter is a LEED® Accredited professional and graduated from NAIT Interior Design Technology with honors in 2001. Prior to starting EcoAmmo, Stephani worked for several design firms in Edmonton, including Manasc Isaac Architects, where she led their “Green Interior Design Department”. Stephani was actively involved in the creation of the Alberta Chapter of the Canada Green Building Council in 2003 and has remained on the board ever since.

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Brandy Burdeniuk - Sustainable Building Materials Specialist – EcoAmmo –

Brandy Burdeniuk received her Bachelor of Design, specializing in Industrial Design at the University of Alberta.  Before joining the EcoAmmo team, she worked for several architectural firms as their sustainability and LEED® expert.  With a strong belief in collaboration, Brandy has worked with many influential people with a focus on sustainable design and development in Canada.

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Rob Dumont

Rob is a Principal Scientist with the Building Performance Business Unit of the Saskatchewan Research Council. He has 31 years experience with low energy buildings in the areas of indoor air quality, ventilation, solar energy use and superinsulation. He is a graduate in Mechanical Engineering. He and his family live in what is described as the "Best Insulated House on this Planet", at least until the Riverdale Net Zero home is completed.

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Janne Hicklin, Consultant

Hicklin Consulting Service

Janne's interest in energy efficiency and renewable energy began in southern Alberta in the late 1970's where she worked as a research assistant on wind, solar and residential energy efficiency projects. After migrating to the Yukon in the early 1980's, she was part of a team of energy experts and community carpenters that transformed a leaky old friendship centre into an energy efficiency showcase (of its day).  She spent the next twenty plus years designing and implementing residential energy efficiency projects before moving back to Alberta in 2003 where she continues to work on renewable energy projects across the province.

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Adam Larson -  Framer / Journeyman Carpenter –

Green Door Builders

Green Door Builders is a small Edmonton-based framing company committed to building efficient wall systems that minimize waste and optimize performance. Specialized in framing custom homes.

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