The Riverdale NetZero Project would not have been possible without the generous support of scores of people, business and institutions. There have been huge amounts of volunteer time, high value professional advice, in kind donations - either outright or by way of reduced pricing - and institutional support. The overwhelming magnitude and the variety of this support makes it a significant challenge to properly acknowledge and recognize these contributions. There are so many people to thank that there is a danger that significant contributions will go unnoticed. In a way the generosity of spirit that made it possible to get to NetZero in frozen northern Canada is as remarkable as the achievement itself. Please take a moment to look through the Credits section.


Solar Electric System Performance

             Click here to see the performance of the solar electric system on the west unit of the duplex.

Public Tours

             All tours of the Riverdale NetZero house have ended now because the house is occupied.

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please e-mail us at info(at)riverdalenetzero(dot)ca.

Also please check out Edmonton's second net zero energy home at the Mill Creek NetZero Home

"NO Car, NO Furnace, NO Problem. The story of the Mill Creek affordable net zero energy dream home."

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There are now some 10 net zero energy homes developed or underconstruction in the Edmonton area.

Here is the performance of the solar electric system on the west unit of the house: